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The email we sent out for the beginning of the validation phase had "<" and ">" characters that were cut off and may make the email confusing. I'm sending the full text here so there is no confusion.

Dear participants,

Welcome to the validation phase of the COVIDx Challenge! Your algorithms are now being run on GPUs and the validation set. A couple reminders:
* 30 minute time limit for inference.
* 10 total submissions and 5 a day submission limit.
* Test phase begins 10/24/2022 at 5pm UTC.
* Use the Forum (https://midrc-medici-competitions.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com/forums/7/) if you have questions.
* Just like the template submission, make sure you copy your model into the same output folder as your classifications (/mnt/out)

The docker images will be run as such:
docker run \
--net none \ # no internet
--shm-size=256m \
--rm \
--gpus all \ # GPU access
--name=participant_docker_submission_taskid_<task_id> \
--stop-timeout=1800 \ # 30 minutes
--security-opt=no-new-privileges \
-v /<path to images>:/mnt/in:ro \
-v /<path to output>:/mnt/out \
<repo where we store your images>/user_<id>:midrc_docker_image_inference_pytorch_new # for example

Please note again that your csv of classification outputs should look like this:
<DICOM file name>.dcm,<float>

A more specific example:

Quick reminder that "class" is your estimate proportional to the likelihood that the CXR depicts a COVID-positive patient.

Posted by: challenge-organizer @ Oct. 4, 2022, 2:59 p.m.
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